The game to introduce kids to Math in a fun way


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    POETIC NUMBERS is a fun way to introduce kids to Math. The deck of cards consists of 56 cards:
    4 series of 10 numbers: animals, sports, actions and objects, each with its own color.
    2 sets of signs to calculate: plus, minus, multiplication and division.
    2 Jokers in order to play all kind of card games.
    2 extra cards to draw your favorite number: your own POETIC NUMBER!

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Pictures are useful tools for learning Math concepts.
The images help to recognise, and more easily memorise the numbers.
It can be a visual resource especially for dyslexic children, as they make associations to help them remember visual concepts.
Rather than struggling with memorising abstract numbers, kids can learn through interacting with illustrated objects, animals, sports & actions. A giraffe plus a swan equals a bear.
This plus that, these minus those.
Anything with everything is possible.
Let’s play with numbers!

How to play

The game that helps you to connect with people who have Alzheimer’s


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    The first edition is already sold out! Right now we are producing the second edition.
    Please contact for new delivery:

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The worst thing about Alzheimer’s isn’t memory loss.
It’s losing the connection that binds us together.
Reconnect with them by playing, imagining together, remembering histories, laughing again.
Because playing helps us to connect better.

How to play

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