POETIC NUMBERS consists of 4 series of 10 numbers: animals, sports, actions and objects, each with its own color.
Also there are 2 sets of signs to calculate:
plus, minus, multiplication and division.

And we have added 2 extra cards, so you can draw your favorite number: your own POETIC NUMBER!

To get familiar with the numbers, place all the cards face up on the table. Do you recognize the number 1? And the 2..? Now you can start adding, subtracting, multiplying and the most challenging part, dividing! You can use the numbers of any color in order to place the result.

Do the centipede

Place all the cards face up on the table. Place a sum on the table like on the photo. Another person at the table has to solve the sum, using no matter what color. Do you know the outcome? Place the number and now it’s your turn to add a sign and a number.

You can build a super long sum, and if you run short on cards, you simply remove the ones from the beginning. See how it crawls across the table!

Climbing the stairs

There are 2 players, each player receives 6 cards. We place 1 card from the stock on the table. The first player has to complete the stairs; let’s say the number is 3, you’ll have to place the number that precedes (2) or the one that comes after (4). If you can’t, you’ll have to draw a card from stock and the other player continues. The one who remains without cards has won.

Also you can playing cards with the numbers of POETIC NUMBERS, like GO FISH! (see below). But surely your family knows also a few fun card games. And in case you’ll need them: we have already drawn 2 Jokers for you 🙂

Oh, and you can play Memory!
The game of Memory consists of placing the cards face down and flipping them over, two at a time, to find pairs. In POETIC NUMBERS there are even double pairs: 2 X 2 of the same number! Whoever gets most pairs wins.

The goal is to win the most ‘books’ of cards. A book is any four of a kind.
2/3 players: each player receives 7 cards, 4/5 players: 5 cards. The remainder of the pack is placed face down on the table to form the stock.
The first player starts to ‘fish’ by asking any other player the number he wants to collect. The player who is addressed must hand over all the cards requested. If the player has none, they say “GO FISH” and the player who made the request draws the top card of the stock and places it in their hand.
If a player gets 1 or more cards that was asked for, they ask the same or another player for a number. So long as she/he makes a catch, he continues. If he has all 4 cards, he places them on the table face up and plays again. When he doesn’t make a catch, the turn passes to the left. The game ends when there are no cards left in the stock.

POETIC NUMBERS is created and developed by Arianne Faber. She lives and works in Barcelona, where she has her own studio dedicated to graphic design and illustration.

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